Friday, 2 July 2010

Multitasking and women drivers!

The theory of Multitasking & Women Drivers

As we know we ladies have the innate ability to impress and amaze others with our ability to juggle several tasks at work, home and with our families in such a way that we seem to be achieving miraculous levels of productivity. How are we able to achieve this? That remains a mystery. There is a downside to this desirable quality. Loss of FOCUS.

I had a friend who used to reapply lipstick every time she drove into a roundabout. When I questioned her about it she said that it was the only opportunity she had to do it… This is not an opportunity for multitasking girls – THIS IS A HAZARD!

The fact is, as miraculous as our powers of multiple productivity may be there is one place where we should keep this to a minimum and this is in the driving seat of a car! As a new driver I myself have seen how my tendancy to multitask is affecting my driving. When I focus on just the driving I am a great driver – I'm sure I wouldn't get any 'woman driver' comments. However, if I allow myself to multitask at the wheel of my ex-mother-in-laws Vauxhall Corsa I become the epitome of the sterotype! We ourselves have propagated these accusations.

I hope that as time passes and my experience grows I will to some degree regain my ability to multitask while driving, however until then I need to focus on something far more important. Looking FABULOUS while I do it!

See below for details…

The Girl Thats Driving Me Mad♥


  1. Salaams Sister, good post, I think multitasking while driving is a big no no! Car accidents are not pretty and definatly not worth some lipstick! Lol we really do need to stop feeding more logs into the "women can't drive" fire :))

  2. Salaam sister!
    You are sooo right! Our ability to multitask is both amazing and necessary-how else would we be able juggle a career, children, a household, and tending to a husband?
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    Love the blog! Keep it up!


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